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Aluminum Structural Large Flange Bulb Water-proof Rivet 7.7mm x 27mm

Aluminium structural Large Flange Bulb Rivets 7.7mm x 27mm

Bulb rivet has a large clamping force that is distributed evenly over a large surface area combining to provide a high strength weatherproof joint.

This even distribution force allows for soft or thin materials to be joined without damage. The three plates of the closing head adapt the form of curved surfaces for varied applications, while also maintaining even clamping force and impressive shear strength.

This type of structural Bulb rivet gently distributes the clamping force whilst providing pull through resistance, making them an ideal rivet for many lightweight material applications.

The Bulb's wide material grip range enables a single rivet to work in a greater variation of material thicknesses and numerous application including curved or uneven surfaces.

Head type: Dome head with grooved mandrel

Diameter: 7.7mm

Length: 27mm

Surface treatment: Plain

Body: Aluminum

Mandrel: Aluminum

Finish: Natural

Drill size: 8mm

Shear strength: 5 (kN) - Tension machine

Tensile strength: 4 (kN) - Tension machine

Testing of blind rivets

A blind rivet has strength properties that can be measured in terms of shear and tensile strength.

The shear test involves installing a rivet into two plates at specified hardness and thickness and measuring the force necessary to shear the plates.
The tensile test is basically the same, except that it measures the pullout strength