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Neville Anthony Cooper welcomes you to Gecko Fall Protection; a company brought into existence by his sheer determination to provide not only the best EN standard safety systems and personal protective equipment for those needing the ultimate assurance whilst working, ensuring completion of the job in hand but also for the enhancement of the employee’s moral freedom often working from heights of dangerous levels, they have the inner security of knowing that they have been in the hands of a man who will provide the very best fall protection system or device for them.

Neville is extremely diligent concerning his work ethics and when many a person is resting from a hard day’s work, he is still up and sorting out all that needs to be accomplished at the work place. Together he and his co-workers form a team that refuses defeat in any circumstances, for success is Neville’s mind-set. No matter what is asked of him. Neville will go to extreme lengths to be of assistance as safety and a job well done is of utmost importance to him.

In conclusion Neville would like his potential clients to know that without their co-operation in allowing him to present his abundant capabilities in this specialised field of service, he would not be able to reveal all that is of importance to him in bringing the very best and latest equipment to the work site. Be assured, Mr Cooper and all he represents is your company to call upon for Fall Protection systems, equipment and on hands solutions.

In 2010, Neville set up a Regional Branch for Belrex 351cc t/a Belrex Safety, Head Office, Cape Town while sub- contracting for Belrex and HSE Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Early in 2014 Belrex 351cc closed its doors, and Neville started his fall protection company that year t/a Gecko Fall Protection. Early in February, the following year he founded Gecko Fall Protection (Pty) Ltd to service existing clients and to provide the most effective fall protection products, offering collective safety at height systems, designed to protect single or multiple workers at the same time, thus meeting ever-changing demands for greater safety, increased comfort and improved productivity at the work place.

Gecko’s primary business is the design and installation of Miller® by Honeywell fall protection products furthermore; they offer an approved service center.

Gecko Fall Protection systems and anchorage devices are compliant to EN 795:1996, EN 795:2012, CEN technical specifications including third-party on going EC type-examination, DEKRA type test report certificates, applicable to EN 795:1996, EN 795:2012 and EN 353-1:2014 standards and norms.

    Gecko Fall Protection will provide EN test reports for fall protection systems and anchorage devices installed, thus insuring that a comprehensive quality system  to ISO 9001 level or equivalent is in place, providing confidence to the site owner that our product is compliant and regularly checked.
    Gecko Fall Protection is committed to provide technical hands-on-support, project consultation for work at height systems, product loading gantries and offering solutions from design stage, right through to project completion.
    Gecko Fall Protection is authorised to design, install and certify Miller® by Honeywell Safety Products and our technicians are authorized to plan, to install and to inspect Miller® by Honeywell Söll safety systems. Training is undertaken by the Senior Pre Sales Engineer, Sales & Engineering for Systems, Mr. Peter Grabow, from the Miller® Safety at Height Training Centre, Honeywell Fall Protection Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Seligenweg 10, 95028 Hof-Germany. Tel: +49 (0) 9281 8302 42,,

Miller® Safety at Height Training Centre certificate no’s: 4103, 4104, 4105, 4106, and 4107 and are all valid until end November, 2021 for the products listed below,  

  • Söll GlideLoc- Vertical, horizontal ladders and connecting rail systems manufactured from aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel - tested acc. EN353-1:2014
  • Söll Vi-Go - A vertical cable system for ladders (and specialized access)- tested acc. EN353-1:2014

As well as;

  • Söll Xenon II - Standard Lifeline systems (for floor, ceiling, roofing, walls, concrete, wood trusses, steel beams - system configurations up to 7 (seven) persons simultaneously up to spans of 20m between intermediate anchors using a  8mm 1 x 19 cable - tested acc. EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Söll Xenon II - Overhead Lifeline systems (for walls, concrete, wood trusses, steel beams - system configurations up to 4 (four) persons simultaneously up to a spans of 15m between intermediate anchors using a 8mm 1 x 19 cable or a 8mm 7 x 7 cable depending on deflections calculated - tested acc. EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2013 -  Especially for using in combination with Fall Arrest blocks (Self-Retractable Lifelines)
  • Söll Xenon II - Interfix lifeline systems (for roof sheeting, metal pitched roofs, standing seams roofs,membrane roofs) - system configurations up to 3 (three) persons simultaneously - tested acc. EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Söll ShockFusion lifeline systems
  • Söll Safeline
  • Söll MultiRail - Rail systems - (for floor, ceiling, roofing, walls, concrete, wood trusses, steel beams) - configurations up to 6 (six) persons simultaneously
  • Söll Anchorage points
  • Söll Roof Anchors - tested acc. EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2013

   The minimum breaking strengths of the main components of the Söll Xenon lifeline are given below

  • Intermediate bracket standard:  > 25 kN
  • Intermediate bracket overhead system:  > 12 kN
  • Cable Ø 8 mm 7x7:  36.0 kN
  • Cable Ø 8 mm 1x19:  52.7 kN
  • Standard shuttle:  > 25 kN
  • Overhead wheeled shuttle  > 12 kN
  • Energy absorber:  > 45 kN
  • End piece and tensioner  > 52 kN

For some system components, deformations may occur in the event of a fall.
These serve to absorb energy and thereby reduce the forces acting within the system.

Additional supports (for intermediate brackets, end anchors), such as posts, must be projected for each unit following a separate plan.
Their required minimum stability is governed by the results produced by the “Miller Horizontal Lifeline Calculation Software”.

We can bridge most lifeline spans using our Söll Xenon  HLL system with our overhead Catenary wire rope anchorage systems, i.e. more than 80m etc...

  • Miller® by Honeywell  APPROVED SERVICE CENTRE*
    Gecko Fall Protection is a Honeywell Approved Service Center (HASC) for the Miller® by Honeywell brand of Self-Retractable Lifelines and load arresting blocks for the products listed below.
    Miller®, Antec®, Söll®(Complete), Falcon® all versions, Mighty Lite® large housing, Might Evac®, Black Rhino®, Karlstop®, SafEscape Elite® (including its case), Reflex®, Stopmax® Evolution & Vision, Fall Arrester®, Load Arrester® devices 10m & up, Revac® 16 & 30m and Crane Descender® devices.

    Miller® Safety at Height Training Centre, Honeywell Fall Protection Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Seligenweg 10, 95028 Hof-Germany. Tel: +49 (0) 9281 8302 42,, valid until end September, 2019.
  • Gecko Fall Protection is under contract to commit to buy only original spare parts of Honeywell Fall Protection Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG.
    Gecko Fall Protection is a manufacturer / supplier of road and rail product handling gantries, insuring day to day safe transfer of product, as well as installations of monorail track systems, maximising personnel fall protection safety and productivity while working at height.
    Gecko Fall Protection is in position to undertake installations through-out the Republic of South Africa including south of the Sahara and Off-Shore.
    Gecko Fall Protection will provide on completion of installation, certificates for material, galvanizing; welding and bolting fixtures. This insures that a legal documented audit trail exists for the site owner's accountability file.

Gecko Fall Protection was appointed on the 29th January, 2015 by HSE Solutions as a Principal Distributor of Miller® by Honeywell  Fall Protection Products and Systems, and factory certified to design, install, inspect and repair Miller Fall Protection Products and Systems.
Only a factory certified company can design, install, inspect and repair products and systems, such as fall arrest retractable blocks, rail and cable lifeline systems. Failure to utilise a certified company to design, install, inspect and repair these products and systems may result in the voiding of the product warranty.
HSE Solutions (Sturrock & Robson Group) is the exclusive distributor of Miller® Fall Protection

  • in Sub-Saharan Africa and is authorised to appoint and certify companies in this particular region.
    Duane Basson (Product Support Manager), mobile: 082 253 6885
    Tel: +27 (0) 11 971 8040 Block C, Tunney Ridge Business Park, Elandsfontein, Germiston, 1429, South Africa.
    Honeywell International Inc. provides manufacturer’s international public/product liability insurance on all its fall protection products.
    • Limit of Indemnity
      1. Public Liability: US $1,000,000 each and every occurrence
      2. Products Liability: US $1,000,000 each and every occurrence
    • Period of Insurance: 1st April 2018 to 1st April 2019
    • Territorial Limits:
      1. Anywhere in the world, excluding USA or Canada, in respect of Public Liability
      2. Anywhere in the world in respect of Products Liability
    • Insurer: XL Insurance America, Inc., One World Financial Centre, 200 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281
    • Policy Number: US00064984LI18A
    Gecko Fall Protection provides public liability insurance - Compendium Insurance Brokers, Gauteng. Tel: 011 391 0300. 10th Floor, Rennies House, 19 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein, 2001 Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.
    • Limit of Indemnity
      1. General, Tenants & Work Away Limit Of Liability: ZAR 2 000 000 - Hollard Insurance Company, Policy no: GECKO403/0001
      2. Broadform Liability – Top Up Liability: ZAR 20 000 000 - AIG South Africa Policy no: GECKO403/0001


Sicherheit schaffen-Bauen Sie mithilfe umfassender Schulungen, innovativer Technologien und komfortabler Hochleistungs-Produkte eine nachhaltige Sicherheitskultur auf. Honeywell Safety Products ist der ideale Partner fUr einen kulturellen Wandel, der Mitarbeiter dazu inspiriert, selbststandig sichere Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Create security Build a sustainable safety culture through in-depth training, innovative technologies and comfortable, high-performance products. Honeywell Safety Products is the ideal partner for cultural change that inspires employees to make their own safe choices.


Miller® by Honeywell  - Fall Protection

 Miller® … Synonymous with Safety, Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

European legislation states that fall protection measures must be put in place by the employer of any person working at a height where a fall hazard exists. The regulation also requires that people involved in work at height are competent to do so or if in training, are supervised by a competent person. If it is not feasible to eliminate the hazard using a collective system, then personal protective equipment (PPE) must be selected and used. It could be for restraint, work positioning, rescue or fall arrest purposes.

This system consists of a full body harness, an intermediate attachment and an anchorage connector. The systems can only be used if a suitable anchorage point is located close to the work area.

Miller® products are designed and tested by full-time, qualified engineers and technicians at a state-of-the-art, in-house testing facility, which not only verifies that specific standards are achieved but often tests beyond the standards to assure the ultimate in safety performance. In addition, all Miller® products are third-party tested by independent sources to further certify compliance. Honeywell Industrial Safety has successfully earned and continues to retain ISO 9001 certification at its manufacturing facilities. Miller® has undergone the most stringent requirements for design and development, production and service, proof of our unwavering and ongoing commitment to consistent quality products and services.




Company Legal Name:                               Gecko Fall Protection (Pty) Ltd
Trading Name:                                                 Gecko Fall Protection

Managing Director (16.1):                        Mr. Neville Anthony Cooper
Financial Director (16.2):                          Miss. Andrea Lauren Cooper
Administration (16.2):                                Mr. Craig Cooper
Technical Supervisor (16.2):                    Mr. Courage Pykes

Physical Address:                                          20 Adler Avenue,
                                                                                  Florida Glen, ,
                                                                                 Johannesburg, 1709, RSA

GPS Coordinates:                                          S 26° 09' 58.35"  E 27° 56' 30.60"

Business Registration Number:            2015/055365/07

VAT Registration Number:                      4140268923

Company Phone Number:                       +27 (0) 81 301 2332

Company E-mail Address:              

Company Web Address:                  

COID Letter of Good Standing:             RMA Membership Number: G2166
                                                                                  Cert No. 20185G216613

Company Bankers:                                        First National Bank,
                                                                                  Cresta Shopping Center,
                                                                                  Johannesburg, 2195

                                                                                  Current Account No:  62608981561

B-BBEE Status level:                                    Level 4
B-BBEE Procurement Level:                   100%
Empowering Supplier:                                 Yes
Applicable Scorecard:                                  Exempt Micro Enterprise